Monday, March 16, 2009

No more Soda

For those of you who know me, you might be very, very surprised to find out that I am no longer drinking soda of any kind. I gave up my Pepsi the middle of January, and have not had any soda (no fizzy drinks of any kind) since that day! Now, I have been drinking soda, most often Pepsi, since before I can remember. I would often open a soda with the start of each new day, sometimes this meant 5:00am. It was not unusual to see me with a giant 44oz soda at anytime of the day morning, afternoon or night. I have tried to stop drinking this wonderful beverage before, but found that it was just not in the cards for me. Why then have I decided to make this very traumatic change in my life - not really sure - I guess the older I get the wiser I get and if you think about it, it can't be good for you! I also have watched my girls get more and more like me with this bad, bad habit, and if I am no longer drinking it, it won't be in the house for them to drink, and they can't follow in my footsteps. Now have a banned this wonderful, sweet, terrific drink from my girls, NO! They can still have it when we go out to dinner or at other peoples homes, just not at our home because that would not be fair to mom.

Now after the years and years that I have been drinking this, and the times that I have tried to stop (not many by the way) you may ask, so how is it going? was it hard? did you go through terrible withdrawals? Well, it was not hard this time, I didn't get the terrible headaches that I had before, but it is still very hard not to want a soda!!!! Traveling is a little difficult what with no 44 by my side. Movies are not really the same without popcorn because who wants popcorn without a nice cold soda to wash it down? There are certain meals that just aren't the same due to the soda ban that I have placed on myself, and I do have those days where all I really want is a soda, and nothing else will quench the thirst, but so far I have made it through those long, long days.
We have one can of Pepsi out in the fridge, Doug calls it my epi-pen, he told the girls that if they come home someday and find mom passed out on the floor to quick open the Pepsi and make her drink, then all will be ok. Thank goodness it hasn't had to be used yet, keep your fingers crossed that I can keep my life a Soda Free zone!