Monday, June 20, 2011


Well it is that time of year again. The sun is out and it is finally starting to warm up. The family trips are just around the corner, and time is moving faster then it does all the rest of the year (with the exception of Christmas time when time moves at warp speed again). I have such grand ideas of all the wonderful projects that I want to get done around the house and I am off work for 6 weeks and only one of those weeks has passed by so far. I have gotten one project under my belt and am feeling pretty good about it. Now I just need to finish those last little things to be able to mark the project as complete, and then off to the next.

I have watched my 2 oldest, beautiful daughters turn another year older and wish like crazy that they were still babies and not growing up and becoming so independent.

Courtney is now 20, and living on her own. She works daily and we see very little of her and miss her a ton, but that is what children are supposed to do. Grow up and move away, and become grown ups in the real world. I would much rather she was here with me being my daughter and letting me be her mommy, but that stage has been gone for a long while.

Makenzie is now 15, and is going to be gone this summer in Utah for 3 weeks. I already miss her and she hasn't even left yet. She will be attending a ballet summer dance intensive for 2 weeks at BYU and then attending EFY at the University of Utah. Then when she comes home she will start drivers ed (yes she will be on the road behind the wheel of a car soon). I have another year of being her taxi and I will get to be the passenger most of that time, then she will be driving on her own and needing me a little bit less.

How strange it is to get to this stage in life....I remember when summers seemed to drag on and all that I wanted was to get back to school and grow up! Now I often times wish that I could go back and start again, but this time with the knowledge that I have now. I would enjoy the slow moving pace of my life and enjoy every minute of being bored and not having anything to do.

I do still love the way things are now, fast paced and always having something to do, watching my girls grow and change and experience life changing events with them. But I do try to make them relax and enjoy the slow, boring days when they have nothing to do! For they are gone to soon!!!