Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Concert Time

My wonderful husband and beautiful daughters got me the best Mother's Day and Birthday Present any aging 40 something could ask for.

A chance to feel 20 again!

On Mothers day I got the gift of 2 tickets to NKOTBSB

(also known as New Kids On the Block/Back Street Boys).

So this last Friday, July 8th, Doug and I set off for a weekend in Seattle

(my Birthday Weekend)
to attend the concert in the Tacoma Dome.

Not only did my wonderful husband drive me to Seattle,
but he took me out to dinner, spent time shopping with me,
and lasted the whole concert by my side,
while I (and thousands of other women) screamed and yelled our hearts out!
What a show!
It was almost 3 hours of standing on my feet
singing and dancing along with the New Kids.

I have to admit that I loved the New Kids when I was in my early 20's.
(Well actually I still do - especially Donnie Wahlberg!)
When you saw them on TV back in the day you always saw them surrounded by tweens and teens and then there was me the 20 something who also was cheering them on.
Not that I ever got to see them live, not until this last weekend.

I also have to admit that listening to the Backstreet Boys made me feel old.
They were one of the boy bands that Courtney liked when she was a tween/teen.
I didn't know all of their songs, just the ones I remember from Courtney's CD's.

But I did know all of the New Kids Songs and who are we kidding,
that was who I was there to see.

It was a once in a lifetime for me.
I can't believe I was so close to the New Kids!

I just have to tell my family
THANKS so very much for a wonderful Mother's Day and Birthday Gift
it was one of the BEST!!!!

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